Cost of the Manual Review Process without PromptPayPlanner*

Human Resources, Manager and Senior Management spend 1/2 hour (combined) per employee.

Based on a 10,000 Employee Company

Typical Manual Review Process Using Spreadsheets:

  • HR fills out and emails forms to managers.
  • HR sends reminders if no action is taken by due date.
  • Managers evaluate employees, complete and return forms to HR.
  • HR obtains approval from Senior Management.
  • HR enters increases into HRIS/Payroll system.
  • If late, a retroactive increase requires manual intervention.
  • Real-time budget & equity monitoring is not possible.

Based on an average cost of $35/hour for HR/Mgr/Sr. Mgr, and 10,000 employees, that's $35 x 10,000 employees/one review per year =

Approximate process cost of $175,000 without PromptPayPlanner®

Save With PromptPayPlanner®

Using PromptPayPlanner® each manager can spend less than one minute for each employee. Each manager's direct-reports appear in spreadsheet fashion for fast sorting by any criteria, data-entry, or reporting.

All required decision-making information is instantly available.

Pay decisions are validated against pre-configured rules instantly, and instant reports reflect actual spending across the organization.

Each management decision is automatically available to the next higher level.

Real-time Budget and Equity monitoring drastically reduces the time required by all involved.

Approximate process cost of $12,000 with PromptPayPlanner®

*Based on 10,000 employees