The Prompt Promise

"Our mission is to deliver innovative, fully tested, cost-effective, and efficient technology-based solutions for Human Resource and Compensation professionals."

With our two products – PromptPayPlanner® and PromptPerformance® – we fill a need for reliable compensation software with the flexibility to meet the complex requirements of our clients. We are innovators with regard to security, utilizing field level encryption in the database and encryption “over the wire” as your company information travels via the internet or your own internal intranet/network. It all comes down to math, logic, workflow and an easy to use interface. We ensure your managers can view their employees, make pay decisions within your guidelines and have solid reporting tools at their fingertips for clear communication to their staff.

We look forward to saving you time, frustration and money. We've seen some of the most inefficient, hamstrung compensation management and performance management solutions, and we're thrilled to be able to provide you with the other end of the spectrum. Click here to get a free demo and see for yourself why we're the best!

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The Prompt Process