Incorporated in 1988, Prompt, Inc. began as a human resources assistance company. Prompt has since created several intuitive software solutions that bring cost-effective and efficient technology-based HR tools to Human Resource and Compensation professionals.

The first product, PromptPayPlanner®, was envisioned in the mid 1990s at a Fortune 100 company. Human resources managers sharing spreadsheets across the organization recognized that they were behind the technology curve, increasing costs and reducing efficiency. The solution to this problem, as dozens of organizations can attest, is PromptPayPlanner®.

Since its successful launch, PromptPayPlanner® has evolved to new levels, featuring a user-friendly comprehensive data entry system with real-time graphs and summaries of key metrics. PromptPayPlanner® sports a crisp interface designed to provide managers with the data they need in a clear, intuitive layout. Additional functionality in the form of point-and-click management processes and secure email notifications guides managers smoothly through the system, and PromptPayPlanner® boasts optimized scalability, so it’s designed for global organizations of every size. Now shipping, Version 9 supports Windows 10, color-coded charts and graphs, and leverages wire speed technologies for the fastest performance in the marketplace.

PromptPerformance® is another groundbreaking Prompt, Inc. product, and was created to address widespread requests for an efficient, flexible, and user-friendly performance review process. PromptPerformance® has been a resounding success: users are now able to focus on content and communication, saving clients time, money, and frustration. This has been especially beneficial with the changing role of Performance Review in the modern HR environment. Due to its flexibility and feature-rich nature, PromptPerformance® is able to excel, delivering client needs as they continue to evolve.