How many surveys can I input into AnalyzeThisSurvey®?

Our survey analysis database provides you with an unlimited capacity to have as many surveys as you need, and can accommodate any type of survey as well.

How secure is our confidential information?

To the highest extent, encryption protects your data from unauthorized users who might be able to view the database and your files covertly.

Can AnalyzeThisSurvey® be configured to our needs?

Yes. A key feature of AnalyzeThisSurvey® is our ability to configure calculations and reports to meet your organization's needs. We work with you during the configuration phase of implementation.

How long has this product been in use?

At the request of a client in 2010, we developed AnalyzeThisSurvey® to consolidate the many surveys they had purchased. The task had been time consuming, confusing, and expensive with the vast amount of data to sift through. The initial version was used by our first "Beta" user with great success, significantly cutting down the time spent mapping company benchmark jobs to appropriate matches in the many surveys. The analysis in the form of simple to understand reports drove the salary ranges for the upcoming year and provided a tool to justify hiring rates to managers in the company.

The second round of development simplified the process for consolidating the surveys and updating as necessary throughout the year. Additional "Beta" users have helped in the refinement of our tool as we continue to add useful reports, exports, and enhance the sharing capabilities of this secure (encrypted) system. Additional features and refinements are in process for the fourth round of development, slated for completion by May 2013.

What reporting tools are available for knowledgeable users?

The Reporting feature helps summarize the information and show it in a clear and concise manner. It allows you to import, export, and print and preview what the report will look like in PDF format, as well as modify and delete report templates. Our ad-hocReporting tool is as simple to use as Microsoft Access® report writer. All reports can be previewed, printed, or exported to Adobe® PDF format. Exports to CSV, easily opened in a spreadsheet tool like Microsoft Excel®, allow you to present your information in additional ways.

What help is available within AnalyzeThisSurvey®? Is user training required?

On-screen Help is available and a User Manual is available for viewing on screen and printing as an Adobe® PDF. User training is normally accomplished during initial implementation for your survey analysis.

Does AnalyzeThisSurvey® provide survey data with the analysis tool?

We do not provide survey data to our customers as the intent it to take the survey information you have already purchased and combine them in this analysis tool by preparing your files clearly and concisely.