U.S.-EU/U.S.-Swiss Privacy (US Safe Harbor)

Public Disclosure:

Prompt, Incorporated does not collect, store, or convey personal information to third parties. Our software applications are licensed to contracting entities who in turn agree to restrict application use to employees.  Contracting entities are the sole owners of the information available in the applications and are responsible for adherence to their own privacy adequacy policies. Contracting entities are the sole recourse for employees expressing data privacy concerns.

About PromptPayPlanner®: Our time-saving and easy-to-use manager self-service app is configurable to the most complex compensation decision-making processes and planning actions. Simpler and more secure than exchanging spreadsheets, PromptPayPlanner® and PromptPerformance® are strongly-encrypted from the bottom-up, multi-lingual and appropriate for decision makers around the globe.