HR in The Age of Social Media

How Can We Benefit?

If you do a quick Google search for any large company’s Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook account, you’re likely to find that they have millions of followers. In the age of social media, companies have more methods than ever before to push their message to millions. Some organizations use snarky wit to knock competitors through social media marketing campaigns, but all can choose to benefit from the free, global platforms that exist in social media. How can HR departments benefit from this new, broad reach, and what are some pros and cons of dealing with this new massive audience?


WannaCry? Maybe Not...

Tech Tips for a Safer 2017

What goes with Target, Home Depot, and Sony, among others? For millions of Americans, security breaches may come to mind. Halfway through the year, 2017 has already added to the list with Kmart and Chipotle experiencing their own high-profile security challenges, courtesy of interconnected technology and the hackers who exploit tech loopholes for financial gain. As rumors fly that large banks may hoard digital currency such as Bitcoins to pay ransomware (ransom-demanding malware), the message to hackers becomes clear: it pays (quite literally) to hack large organizations. The question is what can we do to promote cybersecurity when global corporations can’t seem to keep it together?


Thanks for Stopping By!

Another Great Conference Complete

Thanks for joining us! Between our popular Tech Demo, our exhibit booth, and a fun food tour around D.C., last week was a busy one. Whether you came for our tasty syrup, or to escape the potential nightmares of an Excel-based compensation process, we're glad you stopped by, and we're happy to help! It was a fun and productive few days in the Capital, and we hope you got as much out of it as we did.