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Employee Report


PromptPayPlanner offers a huge array of customized reports and gives you the power to create your own.

  • Total Comp Statements
  • Employee Letters
  • Rating Distributions
  • Budget Summary
  • And Many More

Click Here to see more report ideas!

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CNL "I’ve gotten lots of great feedback on the system and how user-friendly it is… how everything they need is available in one place. We’re rockin and rollin on my end and I really appreciate all the late nights on your end that got us to this point. I’m so grateful we found you all!"
     -Lyndsay Maby
Cooperators "The PromptPayPlanner software solution automated an extremely time intensive manual internal process and the software was able to accommodate our complex bonus and merit program(s). The customer service and dedication this company provides to its clients is superb!" read more...
     -Angela Levesque
Pier 1 "The people at Prompt were like an extension of my own department. They never promised anything they couldn't deliver, worked extremely hard to make sure they understood our needs and never once suggested that something we had initially discussed was "out of scope" or would require an additional "customization charge". Their dedication to helping us succeed was and continues to be incredible."
     -Russ Phillips
Blyth "The org. recap reports are fantastic. Knowing how complicated they are, it is incredible that you were able to achieve what you have done. I know I say it a lot, but I am grateful!"
     -Laura Srebotnik
Boardwalk Pipelines "It is a major achievement to have gotten all employees in the company on an annual automated process from the anniversary date paper processes we had just a couple of years ago!"
     -Nisha Rai
Barnes Group Inc. "We have been using PromptPayPlanner for the last 3 salary planning cycles and have found the system to be user-friendly, flexible, and fast. Our managers were able to transition seamlessly from Excel spreadsheets to the PPP system, given the spreadsheet “look and feel” of the input screen, and they were pleased with the real-time budget monitoring capability as well as the ease in running summary reports." read more...
     -Nancy Giugno